Dr. Thomas White Email
Thomas White
I'm an evolutionary biologist with an interest in using non-model invertebrates to answer basic questions of animal behaviour, sensory ecology, and communication.
Samuel O'Neill
Samuel O'Neill
Samuel is chiefly based in the Evolutionary Ecology Lab at Macquarie University, and is focused on sexual selection and iridescent signal evolution in model guppies.
Tia Freeman
Tia Freeman
Tia is exploring exciting questions of sociality and behaviour in the elusive, gluey velvet worms.
Nina Vogel-Ghibely
Undergraduate (Denison scholar)
Nina Ghibely
Nina is tackling questions of complex colour vision, preferences, and perception using butterflies.
Cormac White
Cormac White
When awake, Mac can be found pursuing his interests in ornithology, terrestrial invertebrate ecology, and entomophagy.