Thomas White
Dr. Thomas White (Lecturer)
I'm an evolutionary ecologist with an interest in using non-model invertebrates to answer questions of behaviour, sensory ecology, and communication.
Sanni Silvasti (PhD)
Sanni is unravelling the physiology and evolutionary ecology of dynamic signalling using iridescent butterflies.
Caitlyn Drayton-Taylor
Caitlyn Drayton-Taylor (PhD)
Caitlyn is using the tools of behavioural economics to ask how and why inverts make tough decisions.
Amelie Vanderstock
Amelie Vanderstock (PhD)
Amelie is exploring how native bees can connect urban agriculture, native bushland, and the public via the power of citizen science.
Yolanda Hanusch
Yolanda Hanusch (PhD)
Yolanda is illuminating the identity and key role of insect pollinators in agricultural pollination networks in apple, blueberry and market gardens.
Samuel O'Neill
Samuel O'Neill (PhD)
Samuel is chiefly based in the Evolutionary Ecology Lab at Macquarie University, and is focused on sexual selection and iridescent signal evolution in model guppies.
Joseph McCormick
Joseph McCormick (Masters)
Joseph is using Australian meat ants to probe the origins and design of resilient transportation networks.
Caragh Herringe
Benjamin Mathews-Hunter (Masters)
Ben is exploring the social lives and conservation of vicious velvet worms.
Kathryn Chapman (Honours)
Kathryn is exploring the interests of wild pollinators using model flowers.
Freya Richardson (Honours)
Freya is hard at work designing (model) super-flowers for catching the attention of pollinators.
Caragh Herringe
Caragh Herringe
Caragh is unglueing the costs and benefits of social foraging using the ancient velvet worms.
Cormac White
Cormac White (Postdog)
When awake, Mac can be found pursuing his interests in ornithology, terrestrial invertebrate ecology, and entomophagy.