We are keen to spread the word about the incredible invertebrates with which we share our world!

Below are some recent examples of our efforts. Tom is experienced in freelance science writing and consulting, and is available for chats for radio, TV, and podcasts - feel free to get in touch any time.


Fly season: what to know about Australia’s most common flies and how to keep them away. The Conversation. Also at The Guardian and ABC News.

Organisms without brains can learn, too – so what does it mean to be a thinking creature? The Conversation. Also at Australian Geographic.

In the animal kingdom, mating calls and pheromones can attract a mate – or a canny predator. The Conversation.

Birds of a feather create new species together - and here’s how. The Conversation.

News & interviews

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How to handle Australia’s ‘plague’ of cabbage-chomping moths. The Guardian.

Warmer weather and a drenching of rain has made Sydney a fly utopia, scientists say. ABC News.

Bed bugs in Paris causes global panic - is Australia next? Yahoo News.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! How to stop an outbreak. House of Wellness.

Bed bugs in Paris: Should Aussies be worried? Here’s what you need to know. Yahoo News.

‘It’s alive’: Man confused about creature found outside his home. Yahoo News.