An R package for the organization, visualisation, and analysis of spectral and spatial colour data.
Rafael Maia, Hugo Gruson, Thomas White

If you need help with the package, take a look at the documentation and extended vignettes, and keep an eye on the latest news for changes. We’re always happy to receive feedback and suggestions via personal email or the mailing list: If you have a bug to report, we’d appreciate it if you could also include a reproducible example when possible.

Stable version: 2.2.0 (01/07/2019)

Development version: 2.3

Installation: The current stable version of pavo is available on CRAN, and can simply be installed using install.packages('pavo') within R. The bleeding-edge version is on github, and is most easily installed with the remotes package, by running remotes::install_github('rmaia/pavo').

Citation: Maia R, Gruson H, Endler JA, White TE (2019) pavo 2: new tools for the spectral and spatial analysis of colour in R. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10, 1097-1107.


A database of meta-analytic datasets in R

The metadat package contains a large collection of meta-analytic datasets, useful for teaching purposes, illustrating/testing certain meta-analytic methods, and validating and extending published analyses.

Browsing and searching datasets: A listing of all datasets is available with help(package=metadat}. Each dataset is also tagged with one or multiple concept terms which refer to the field of research, the outcome measure used for the analysis, the model(s)/package(s) used for analyzing the data, and the methods/concepts that can be illustrated with the dataset.

Alternatively, the search_dat() function can be used to query the existing data in the package to explore their help files. It uses fuzzy matching, and queries the data name, title, keyword and concept fields to identify relevant datasets that may be of interest.

Contributing new datasets: We welcome contributions of new published datasets to the package. For full instructions on how to contribute, take a look at the package repository.

Development version: 0.1.0

Installation: metadat is not yet on cran, but the current development version can be easily installed from github via remotes::install_github("wviechtb/metadat")