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An R package for the organization, visualisation, and perceptual analysis of spectral colour data in R

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We are excited to announce the stable release of version 1.0 of pavo; the comprehensive R package for handling and analysing colour data. This release includes a suite of new modelling and visualisation tools in a more flexible framework, along with a number of minor improvements. Take a look at the introductory vignette for an outline of the changes, which is also accessible within R through a call to browseVignettes('pavo').

We’re always happy to receive feedback and suggestions, so feel free to join pavo’s gitter page (public chat room) if you need help or if you’d like to keep an eye on announcements. If you have a bug to report, we’d appreciate it if you could also include a reproducible example when possible.

Stable release: 1.0.1 (17/03/2017)

Installation: The current stable version of pavo is available on CRAN, and can simply be installed using install.packages('pavo') within R. The bleeding-edge version is on github, and is most easily installed with Hadley Wickham’s devtools package, by running devtools::install_github('rmaia/pavo').

Citation: Maia R, Eliason CM, Bitton P-P, Doucet SM, Shawkey MD (2013) pavo: an R package for the analysis, visualization and organization of spectral data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 4(10):906-913


An R package for the analysis of colour pattern geometry

cran version Project Status: Wip - Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public. Travis-CI Build Status

A toolbox for the analysis of colour pattern geometry in R. Currently very much under-construction, but will eventually implement various methods from the literature in a manner complementary to pavo (which handles the spectral data analysis and visual modelling work). A stable release should be available later this year.

Installation: The development version is available on github and can be installed via devtools devtools::install_github('thomased/pattern')

nature’s palette

All-natural colour palettes for R

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A selection of questionably useful palettes drawn from by the world in colour. See the github page for examples, and feel free to send along an image of your study organism for inclusion. Inspired by the excellent wesanderson package from Karthik Ram.

Installation: via devtools devtools::install_github('thomased/natpalette')


You can find my half-finished projects and anything that might be of broader use on github.