Thomas White


Deimatism: a neglected component of antipredator defense
Umbers KDL, De Bona S, White TE, Lehtonen J, Mappes J, Endler JA (in press) Biology Letters

Jewelled spiders manipulate colour lure geometry to deceive prey
White TE (in press) Biology Letters
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The perceptual similarity of orb-spider prey lures and flower colours
White TE, Dalrymple RL, Herberstein ME, Kemp DJ (2017) Evolutionary Ecology 31, 1-20.
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Colour polymorphism
White TE, Kemp DJ (2016) Current Biology 26, R517-518.
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Colour polymorphic lures target different visual channels in prey
White TE, Kemp DJ (2016) Evolution 70, 1398-1408.
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Birds, butterflies and flowers in the tropics are not more colourful than those at higher latitudes
Dalrymple RL, Kemp DJ, Flores-Moreno H, Laffan SW, White TE, Hemmings FA, Tindall ML, Moles AT (2015) Global Ecology and Biogeography 24, 1424-1432.
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Reproducible research in the study of biological colouration
White TE, Dalrymple RL, Noble DWA, O’Hanlon JC, Zurek DB, Umbers KDL (2015) Animal Behaviour 106, 51-57.
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Technicolor deceit: a sensory basis for the study of colour-based lures
White TE, Kemp DJ (2015) Animal Behaviour 105, 231-243.
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Signal design and courtship presentation coincide for highly biased delivery of an iridescent butterfly mating signal
White TE, Zeil J, Kemp DJ (2015) Evolution 69, 14-25.
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Sexual signals for the colour-blind: cryptic female mantids signal quality through brightness
Barry KL, White TE, Rathnayake DA, Fabricant SE, Herberstein ME (2014) Functional Ecology 29, 531-539.
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Exploring the perceptual canvas of signal evolution: comment on Kelley & Kelley 2013
Kemp DJ, White TE (2014) Behavioural Ecology 25, 467-468.
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The nano-anatomical basis of sexual dimorphism in iridescent butterfly colouration
White TE, Macedonia J, Birch D, Dawes J, Kemp DJ (2012) Australian Journal of Zoology 60, 101-107.
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Invited book chapters

Visual communication in insects
Umbers KDL, White TE, O’Hanlon JC (forthcoming). In Insect Behaviour: From Mechanisms to Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences. Córdoba-Aguilar et al. (eds). Oxford University Press, London.