Thomas White


Digest: Strengthening the link between sexual selection and colour polymorphism
White TE (2017) Evolution Early View.
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Deimatism: a neglected component of antipredator defense
Umbers KDL, De Bona S, White TE, Lehtonen J, Mappes J, Endler JA (2017) Biology Letters 13, 20160936.
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Jewelled spiders manipulate colour lure geometry to deceive prey
White TE (2017) Biology Letters 13, 20170027
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The perceptual similarity of orb-spider prey lures and flower colours
White TE, Dalrymple RL, Herberstein ME, Kemp DJ (2017) Evolutionary Ecology 31, 1-20.
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Colour polymorphism
White TE, Kemp DJ (2016) Current Biology 26, R517-518.
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Colour polymorphic lures target different visual channels in prey
White TE, Kemp DJ (2016) Evolution 70, 1398-1408.
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Birds, butterflies and flowers in the tropics are not more colourful than those at higher latitudes
Dalrymple RL, Kemp DJ, Flores-Moreno H, Laffan SW, White TE, Hemmings FA, Tindall ML, Moles AT (2015) Global Ecology and Biogeography 24, 1424-1432.
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Reproducible research in the study of biological colouration
White TE, Dalrymple RL, Noble DWA, O’Hanlon JC, Zurek DB, Umbers KDL (2015) Animal Behaviour 106, 51-57.
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Technicolor deceit: a sensory basis for the study of colour-based lures
White TE, Kemp DJ (2015) Animal Behaviour 105, 231-243.
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Signal design and courtship presentation coincide for highly biased delivery of an iridescent butterfly mating signal
White TE, Zeil J, Kemp DJ (2015) Evolution 69, 14-25.
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Sexual signals for the colour-blind: cryptic female mantids signal quality through brightness
Barry KL, White TE, Rathnayake DA, Fabricant SE, Herberstein ME (2014) Functional Ecology 29, 531-539.
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Exploring the perceptual canvas of signal evolution: comment on Kelley & Kelley 2013
Kemp DJ, White TE (2014) Behavioural Ecology 25, 467-468.
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The nano-anatomical basis of sexual dimorphism in iridescent butterfly colouration
White TE, Macedonia J, Birch D, Dawes J, Kemp DJ (2012) Australian Journal of Zoology 60, 101-107.
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Invited book chapters

Visual communication in insects
Umbers KDL, White TE, O’Hanlon JC (forthcoming). In Insect Behaviour: From Mechanisms to Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences. Córdoba-Aguilar et al. (eds). Oxford University Press, London.